Digit Sucking

Some interesting statistics, which will motivate you to learn about thumb and digit sucking:

  • 40% of digit suckers have learning and behavior problems in school
  • 60% of malocclusion is caused by prolonged digit sucking
  • 10% of 6-11 year olds continue the habit
  • 85% of digit suckers exhibit an open bite
  • Open bites many times lead to TMD “TMJ” due to laterally shifting of the jaw in order to chew
  • 49.9% of orthognathic surgery patients experience an open bite relapse

Here are some tools we recommend to assist in habit elimination however, PARENTAL SUPPORT AT HOME IS ESSENTIAL.

1. The Lily Method – features 5 unique pacifiers specifically designed for pacifier weaning. It is a step by step process that is easy to follow, effective and safe. Find it at

2. ScratchSleeves- A simple and effective solution to thumb sucking. The unique double layer mitts prevent thumb sucking while the child is sleeping, but can be worn during the day to prevent the thumb/fingers from entering the mouth.
Available from Target, Amazon and other retailers.

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